COVID19 Archive

This archive contains a series of articles that were written for a previous blog called The Gen Report. There was a lot of research done during this period to help bring to light that the entire pandemic was a hoax and a psyop of epic proportions perpetrated by Club Psychopath. These articles should also serve as a reference point as more and more truth about the pandemic gets scrubbed off of the world wide web or rewritten to alter the history of what really happened. You can find all of the original sources from these articles saved a PDF files here.

Canada’s 2021 CV19 Plan

An email message from either a Liberal Party of Canada MP (elected member of parliament) or someone who works for the PMO (Prime Ministers Office) supposedly leaked some very concerning information regarding plans for the people of Canada during the ongoing COVID19 scamdemic. The information concerning the details of the plan apparently came from a PMO steered committee meeting of which this person was a party to.