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Our State of Health

Is our current state of health good? Are our immune systems operating at optimal levels to ward off pathogens such as the current virus seemingly bombarding the world right now in addition to the regular flu cycle? Likely the two viruses are being bundled together and being called COVID 19 just to keep the stats up. Either way they can affect our health, especially for people who already have a compromised immune system.

But should the entire focus really be on the virus from which the draconian lock downs have been forced upon millions of people from all around the world, or should the focus be on the state of our immune systems? And what is really causing us to be sick.

There was a report put out in 2012 called the Bioinitiative Report and in it they identify the main culprit causing many diseases and illness we are suffering from today and that main culprit is RADIATION!

The report was prepared by 29 scientists in 10 countries from around the world consisting of medical doctors and other Ph.D’s. Their conclusions are rather disturbing and they all have one thing in common, the biological effects on the body of very low level Radio Frequency (RF) radiation and electromagnetic fields (EMF).

Exposure to RF frequencies from sources such as cell phones, cordless phones, WiFi , cell towers and smart meters damage DNA, produce immune system imbalances and lower resistance to disease. RF radiation also affects fertility and reproduction in woman and damages the DNA of sperm in men.

There are two classifications of radiation which include non-ionizing and ionizing. The image below shows the different sources of these two types of radiation. Now most people focus on the ionizing forms of radiation as being the most detrimental to their health and yes “death” will be the result on your health. However, the non-ionizing sources of radiation are the ones that we should be most concerned about because they are EVERYWHERE!

They are on 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year, impacting our health and slowly breaking down our immune systems. For instance, do the Telecom companies turn their cell towers off on Sunday’s to give us a radiation break? Is it mandatory for everyone to turn off their cell phones while riding the city bus so it doesn’t become a microwave oven on wheels? And to think of each of our children’s classrooms blasting out WiFi on their developing brains 7 hours per day, 5 days per week. This is criminal to say the least. All for the benefit of using computers in the classroom to access educational web sites for their learning.

Did you know that having the WiFi on in your home all of the time, especially at night, is having a major impact on your health too? This is because it affects the production of melatonin by the pineal gland in the brain. A lack of melatonin prevents the body from reaching stage 4 (REM) sleep, which has a direct impact on our immune system. The immune system requires that the body get the proper rest it needs in order for it to continue to function properly to fight illness and infections coming from pathogens such as viruses.

So where then do our real health issues lie? What is that one thing that has been with us since the invention of electricity? That’s right, you guessed it, radiation. Is there any good reason to believe that radiation does not have an effect on the body and our health? Would the dentist take an x-ray of your teeth without putting the lead vest over your upper body? No they wouldn’t because x-rays are a form of ionizing radiation.

Just because a cell phone doesn’t melt our face when we’re talking on it, which you shouldn’t have anywhere near your head BTW, doesn’t mean that it is not producing radiation. Cell phones work off of radio frequencies. The big cell tower that is being used by your cell phone to make a call is emitting radio signals to your cell phone and your cell phone is transmitting radio signals back to it and the further away you are from the cell tower, the stronger that signal needs to be.

You see, we get mixed up in our understanding of the different forms of non-ionizing radiation. We think of radiation as only coming from a nuclear power plant melting down like what happened in the Chernoybl disaster of 1986 and from nuclear bombs such as the atomic bombs dropped on Japan in WWII. That big thing up in the sky that heats the planet is the greatest source of ionizing radiation there is. But non-ionizing radiation doesn’t sound as scary, especially in the lower ranges such as radio frequencies.

Radio waves are a type of electromagnetic radiation and they have frequencies of between 30 hertz and 300 gigahertz. A frequency is measured in hertz where 1 hertz is equal to one repeating event per second. For example, 300 gigahertz is equal to 300 billions cycles per second (300,000,000,000 ). Our current 4G LTE cell phones operate between 700 megahertz and 2700 megahertz (millions) and the newest 5G networks will operate in the gigahertz range of 25 gigahertz and up. So radio frequencies are not just what you tune your radio to, which use a frequency range between 87 to 108 megahertz. Your favourite radio station is usually named after their radio frequency.

So where are radio frequency applications in the gigahertz range currently being used as 5G technology being rolled out around the world (see StarLink). They are used in radar, military weapons such as the Active Denial System which operate at the 95 gigahertz frequency and oh ya most of the wireless devices in your home including cordless phones, WiFi routers, baby monitors, bluetooth, smart meters and most importantly, your microwave oven. All of these devices operate at the 2.4 gigahertz frequency. Why, because this is the industrial frequency band that is free, meaning not requiring a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) license to operate in.

Now that we are all standing on the same footing, what does all of this mean?

It means that our entire environment is drowning in man made electromagnetic radiation and every time more is added to it, the greater the impact on our immune system. People with already compromised immune systems are dying from it and it slowly takes a toll on all of us by grinding us down. It’s the silent killer that we can’t see.

We have a major health pandemic already, forget about COVID19, and the more and more wireless technology that gets rolled out, the more and more sick we are all going to get. When this new fifth generation cellular technology (5G) is fully operational, it will be everywhere, including from low earth orbit space and our bodies will never have experienced radiation in this range before.

Unfortunately, there will be no escape from it. There will almost be nowhere on earth where you can go to get away from it. This will be the real pandemic of our times.

Originally posted 21 Jun 2020

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