Had Enough?

Had Enough Yet?

Ok let’s see where we are on the map of doom.

Looks like the entire planet is blotched out. The big red number on the left is the number of “confirmed cases” and not the number of deaths since November 2019, in case you were wondering. No that death count is the plain white number over there on the right. Yes, a little over 400 thousand.

You know what’s really interesting is the fact that we get about 650 thousand deaths per year from the regular seasonal flu and it’s now June and the flu season is pretty much done for the first part of the year. Yes folks, COVID19 is just another type of flu, if the flu has ever existed at all.


I say COVID19 is the flu because it is. It’s a respiratory illness which can turn into an infection of the lungs.


So why is the WHO pretending like it’s something kind of like that but not exactly and calling it COVID19? And in doing so, scaring the wits out of everyone! Especially the old and weak!

This is not some new mystery virus that just came out of nowhere. It wasn’t mutated with a blood sample taken from some alien stashed away inside of a Deep Underground Military Base (D.U.M.B) in area 51. No, over 600 thousand people globally die from this same mysterious virus each year and it’s called influenza! The WHO knows it and they really don’t want you in on it.

So now that we got that out of the way, what are the symptoms of COVID19 (the flu) and that seasonal thing with the same name called the flu.


Now the signs and symptoms of seasonal flu.


Sound pretty similar don’t they?

So how many deaths in the COVID19 numbers taken from that wonderful map above, include the number of deaths that the WHO already claim die from the flu each year? Let’s say for arguments sake’s that half die in the first part of the flu season and half in the second part. So 325 thousand deaths each half.

We currently stand at 400 thousand deaths from COVID19 as of the second week of June 2020. So if we add 325 thousand deaths to that number, we should get 725 thousand deaths so far. By the end of the year we should have about 1 million, 450 thousand (1,450,000). Trust me, I’m not belittling this by any means. It is sickening but in so many other ways.

What are they doing then? Are they ignoring all those regular seasonal flu deaths? Or are they all getting written up with COVID19 as the cause of death? Because as of today we are nowhere near 725 thousand deaths. Where are those statistics and fancy charts for the regular flu season? Shouldn’t we really be freaking out right about now!

Anyone who is over fifty or who knows their history, will know that this has never happened before in their lifetimes. We have had pandemics before such as the 2009 H1N1 swine flu, 1968 H3N2 Hong Kong flu and the 1958 H2N2 Asian flu, not to mentioned the other flu epidemics in between. Not for any of these pandemics were we locked down in such an unprecedented way by our government. Somewhere some people are having a great laugh at our expense on how foolish we look and how easy it was to pull off. They have us standing six feet apart from each other, waiting in lineups to buy necessities and running around with masks on in fear that we might catch the virus and die. They are manipulating the most basic instinct that is built into our psyche, self-preservation.

You know, I could go on and on and on about this. What we need to all do is to grow a pair and put an end to all of this nonsense. The schoolyard bullies have taken over the schoolyard and we’re letting them win, even when they are completely outnumbered. I’m not insinuating violence “Google”, I’m talking about being outnumbered by the peaceful and freedom loving people of this earth. We just have to say enough is enough!

Then it’s all over.

Originally posted: 09 Jun 2020

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