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2021 – The Year of the Vaccine

Well here we are three days in to 2021 and nothing has really changed. We are into our second lock down here in Ontario which started on December 26th. They initially were aiming for a lock down start date of December 24th but that didn’t fly.

In either case we are under their draconian measures once again until January 23rd or so they say. As we all know by now, these lock down dates can and do change depending on the number of COVID19 “cases” and “related” deaths that appear across our news headlines everyday like the opening of stock market trading.

One must ask themselves how they get the number of cases for the day and have them all tallied up just in time for the various news agencies to drop the headline before lunch. Doesn’t it take seven days to get a positive or negative PCR test result?

It has become more than obvious by now that these numbers are simply being churned out by these oh so sophisticated computer predictive programming models. These are the numbers that these deplorable leaders cling to, to justify their continuous trampling of basic human rights.

Funny thing is, these computer models really only spit out what is being put in and anything can be manipulated along the way. No worries, just a small tweak to the program here and there to get the numbers “right”. What’s that old saying programmers used to say, garbage in/garbage out.

This is more likely the case.

Expect much of the same or likely more and much worse for 2021. They already have their mutated virus ravaging the UK which is likely leading to stricter lock downs in addition to the one they are currently under:

LONDON — British Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned Sunday that more onerous lockdown restrictions in England are likely in the coming weeks as the country reels from a new coronavirus variant that has pushed infection rates to their highest recorded levels.

The U.K. is in the midst of an acute outbreak, recording more than 50,000 new coronavirus infections a day over the past six days. On Sunday, it notched up another 54,990 cases, down slightly from the previous day’s daily record of 57,725. The country also recorded another 454 virus-related deaths to take the total to 75,024. According to figures compiled by Johns Hopkins University, the U.K. is alternating with Italy as the worst-hit European nation.

Isn’t it interesting how they always put out the number of deaths as “virus-related” deaths (high lighted in the quote above). They really can’t say that they absolutely, 100% and without a doubt, died “FROM” the virus can they? Instead what they do is spin the truth with a play on words and wrap it up in a bow which the ninety percent of people just take as gospel – hook, line and sinker.

Not to pick on the poor old UK, after all they just went through a horrible divorce from the EU. No here in Canada, they use the same technique.

On Sunday, the province also recorded an additional 25 deaths, bringing the total death toll related to the disease to 4,650.
At least 15 of those new deaths were residents in long-term care homes.

The last line of that quote is very telling on it’s own. Fifteen out of the twenty five were people in long-term care homes which would likely make these people at least 70 years of age and older. The article goes on to say:

At least 3,215 of the 4,650 COVID-19 deaths have been in people over the age of 80. There have been 177 people who have died between the ages of 40 and 59 and 1,236 deaths in people between the ages of 60 and 79.

Now we’re getting somewhere but these numbers are not always so forth coming. They seem to get reported sometimes but not always. Today is an exceptional day. So averaging this out, of all the “virus-related” deaths in Ontario since March 2020:

  • 69% (at least) older than 80 years of age
  • 3.8% between 40 and 59 years of age
  • 26% between 60 and 79 years of age

Unfortunately they didn’t give very good stats because they are off by 22 people but we get the point. Now putting these numbers into focus against the total population of Ontario which is over 14 million people, this is the total percent of the population that have had a “virus-related” death: 0.00033% !!!!

Now lets apply this same logic to the national figures. With a population of just over 37 million people, this is the total percent of the population that have had a “virus-related” death: 0.00042% !!!

Does this number in any way justify the need for lock downs? Face masks? Shutting down of small business and churches? Elimination of social gatherings and celebrations, even in your own house? An overall absolute and total disruption to everything we do and hold sacred as a free an open society?

Is the fact that this is the biggest scam ever perpetrated on mankind in recent history making any sense now? If you’re still a little iffy, then maybe this will help:

The U.S. Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention (CDC) recently updated its estimated Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) parameters to include age-specific data showing the vast majority of people who contract the Chinese coronavirus survives.

CDC’s new IFR estimates broken down by age are part of the agency’s September 10 update to its “COVID-19 Pandemic Planning Scenarios.”

Based on the “Scenario 5: Current Best Estimate” for the IFR, Breitbart News confirmed the updated age-specific survival rates: 0-19 years old, 99.997 percent; 20-49 years old, 99.98 percent; 50-69 years, 99.5 percent; and 70 years old or older, 94.6 percent. That means that for people 69 years old or younger, the survival rate is between 99.5 percent and 99.997 percent, while for those 70 or older, it is an estimated 94.6 percent.

All of this is nothing new. The truth about the actual survival rate has been out since September 2020 when this Brietbart article was written based on CDC stats (both links are provided above).

Even with all these facts staring us in the face, we still find ourselves kicking off this year with the on-going government and media fear campaign. There’s a new twist to the narrative though and that is the colossal effort of getting everyone in this country vaccinated. We already have a tracking system on how many people have been vaccinated in each province on the various news channels, this one from CTV News.

This new year is not going to end the hell that was 2020. Believing that once everyone has been vaccinated will be the cure all to go back to “normal” isn’t going to happen either. Remember that phrase that has been drilled into each and every brain since this plandemic began, this is the “New Normal”. We are never going back to normal not in 2021, not ever.
Those who take the vaccine hoping the nightmare will go away will be vaccinated forever. There will always be a new so called strain to be vaccinated against.

Leaving it here, there is an interesting quote from a book entitled The Unseen Hand by Ralph Epperson that fits squarely on top of all that is going on with the scam and why it has continued to thrive:

It is difficult for the observer to believe that such a giant, well organised conspiracy does exist, and that the goals they envision for the world are real. This disbelief by the public is what fuels their success and it behooves the conspiracy to plan their moves in such a way that the truth becomes so incredible and so preposterous that no one would believe that they were intentionally created.

Originally posted 04 Jan 2021

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