Tucker Carlson interview with Vladimir Putin

Tucker Carlson Interview

The Tucker Carlson interview of Vladimir Putin on February 6th has garnered quite a lot of publicity, both negative and positive of course. The interview which was aired on social media has had almost 200 million views on X alone. Tucker Carlson’s YouTube posting has had 15 million views. Not bad for the independent, yet well known, journalist who was turfed from Fox News less than a year ago in April of 2023. There is no doubt that his once popular Fox program, “Tucker Carlson Tonight”, ever received hundreds of millions of views for a single episode. This many views for any main stream news media outlet these days would be a figurative wet dream for them. But Tucker Carlson didn’t put up these numbers because he’s Tucker Carlson, he put them up because of what he did and who he interviewed.

It must be obvious by now to anyone living in the West who watched this interview, and indeed many have known all along, that the war in Ukraine has not been going as well as they have led us to believe for the past two years. If the wheels weren’t already starting to come off of the bus for the continued support of Ukraine before the historic interview, well they are certainly off now, and boy is the West mad.

There’s no need to go into a he said/she said expose of what politicians and the media are saying in the West in the wake of the interview because of course they have had one big cream pie shoved in their face and there is nothing objective that will come out of any of them. If even a smidgen of what President Putin has said is true, especially the draft of the peace treaty that he claims had been signed in Istanbul in the Spring of 2022, and which, according to the President, was was scuttled shortly afterwards by former PM of the UK, Boris Johnson, then we have a major credibility problem on our hands. If there was an an opportunity for peace and it was not taken seriously by the West, the pot is calling the kettle black and calls into question the true motives of the West and the war in Ukraine.

People really should give the interview a listen and come to their own conclusions because that’s what rational thinking people do. They don’t have to agree with what everything Mr Putin says but at least hearing his side of the story might help them see the big picture and I think at the end of the day, that is what Tucker Carlson set out to do.

The Ukraine tragedy is a prime example of Club Psychopath in operation. The massive push back by the media in the West criticizing this interview, vilifying Tucker Carlson and warning people to distrust anything coming out of the mouth of President Putin, should give you a clear indication that Club Psychopath was caught with their pants down and now they are in damage control.

Draft treaty was signed between Ukraine and Russia in the spring of 2022

Source: https://x.com/onlydjole/status/1670141702797967361?s=20

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