The 1976 Swine Flu Scam Gone Wrong

Did you know that there was an urgent vaccine program that went terribly wrong in 1976 to combat a seemingly deadly swine flu outbreak ? Oh yes it was poised to kill millions on a scale not seen since the Spanish flu pandemic.

Just like some crazy case of Déjà vu, a whole vaccine program was launched in a period of ten months from the first cases of the respiratory illness being reported in January 1976 at Fort Dix New Jersey, to December 1976 when the program was suspended due to rising Guillain-Barré syndrome injuries being caused by the vaccines.

Just like the recent COVID19 scam, the vaccines were rushed to market under emergency authorization and the manufacturers were given complete indemnity from any vaccine adverse side effects, injuries or death.

Starting to sound familiar isn’t it.

The major blow that brought the whole vaccine program down was a thing called professional journalism. You see, in 1976 journalists had some clout, some skin in the game. They were not as timid as they are today and they actually got their hands dirty. This type of journalism is nowhere to be found today.

When journalists started smelling a rat with this supposed swine flu outbreak in 1976, they did what any decent professional journalist would do and called the government out on it.

The following investigative report by Mike Wallace on the popular show 60 minutes, lays out the whole story and asks the hard questions. These tried and true methods of getting to the bottom of things are so lost to today’s journalists that it is hard to even describe them as journalists at all.

Now let’s see the similarities between the recent COVID19 hoax and the 1976 swine flu scam gone wrong:

  • The first symptoms were reported at Fort Dix in January 1976
  • A Private at Fort Dix who had the symptoms, participated in a five-mile forced march, collapsed and died in February 1976
  • A zealous campaign by the US government to vaccinate “every man, woman, and child in the United States” was unleashed in March 1976
  • Emergency legislation for the “National Swine Flu Immunization Program” was approved in April 1976
  • The President was photographed in his office receiving his shot from the White House doctor and high profile photos of celebrities and political figures receiving the flu jab appeared in the media
  • Due to the urgency, the government used an attenuated “live virus” for the vaccine instead of a inactivated or “killed” form, increasing the probability of adverse side effects among susceptible groups of people receiving the vaccination
  • The rationale for mass vaccination seemed to stem from only the barest of biological reasoning as those who were infected with the flu only suffered from a mild illness
  • Within 10 months, nearly 25% of the US population, or 45 million citizens, were vaccinated
  • The vaccine resulted in over four-hundred and fifty people developing the paralyzing Guillain-Barré syndrome and there were reported deaths

So you really do have to ask yourself, did the recent COVID19 scam come from the same playbook? Did they even dust it off?

Depending on which side of the fence you’re on, you’ll either see the crystal clear similarities OR you’ll get caught up in the the whole recent scam not being at all comparable because that was a swine flu and COVID19 was a coronavirus.

Unlike today, journalists asked the tough questions back then and the public was at least given some semblance of reality. We live in an ever increasingly false reality where the so called “journalists” and other media dimwits stare into the camera night after night, read the teleprompter and lie to your face.

It should be obvious at this point that the same Club that controlled the US government of 1976 holds all of the aces today. They have the major news networks, social media giants, vaccine manufacturers and multi national corporations firmly in their back pocket. They are called Club Psychopath.

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