New Age Charlatans (Part 1)

Like most conspiracy theory followers out there, I started my journey with Alex Jones and then David Icke. As you probably have discovered or are discovering, Jones and Icke are just peddler’s of sensationalism and want you to buy their super vitality oils or their latest books. I will say that Icke is not as in your face as Jones and we all know that Jones is beyond over the top and definitely is in shill territory.

When we turn our attention to Icke we get the toned down sensationalism but we always get a full dose of vibrational frequencies and our full states of consciousness potential. We are expressions of all there is, has been and ever can be. I mean it all sounds nice but these concepts lie in a movement called New Age.

I have to admit, in the past few months I have been having my doubts about Icke, so I’ve had my own David Icke Dot-Connector moment and have started to connect the dots as well. David Icke is one of the big dots on the conspiracy radar along with a guy, who acts like a modern day guru, named Sacha Stone.

Now Sacha Stone, is also a conspiracy peddler but I have to admit that I haven’t watched too much from this guy since I have only recently been exposed to him and yes I’m probably a little late to the party on this guy. I know he released a documentary in 2019 called 5G Apocalypse: The Extinction Event which I haven’t checked out yet but I’ll give it a peak and see for myself what he’s on about. From the little I’ve seen of his New Age type videos, I immediately get a feeling of being rubbed the wrong way.

He seems to be another come along guru of this movement and has founded several organizations, some of which seem heavily connected with the United Nations, including:

If you go to the History page of the Humanitad web site you’ll see what I mean.

Where am I going with this and what does this have to do with Icke? Well to start off with, these two guys a very good friends according to Stone and they have done a recent video together from February of this year. These two guys also peddle the same narrative, have a huge following and are both speaking the New Age lingo. We all know the guru popularity of Icke, which is not even questionable and from what I have recently learned about Sacha Stone, he is definitely at the same guru level on the New Age side of things.

So the main fundamental question in everything I have been alluding to is this, why are New Age concepts being intermingled with conspiracy theory? Have they taken this concept of “being awake” to a whole new level as in a “great awakening” of Mind, Body, Spirit? I say that because the raison d’ĂȘtre of the New Age movement is this concept. The whole movement sits on top of this great awakening of mankind. It’s the centerpiece of their mission. So why are these guys hijacking the concept of “being awake” and morphing it into their New Age form of awakening?

Being awake to me is simply calling out bull shit when I see it, not some self awareness of my inner spirituality resonating in unison with the great cosmos. There is no great awakening just people starting to see through the lies they have been fed. Bending this awareness and morphing it into this New Age concept is not as innocent as a bunch of hippies dancing naked around a camp fire singing The Age Of Aquarius. Blending these two concepts all looks innocent on the surface but like everything conspiracy, this one dives deep down into the rabbit hole as well.

On that note then, I will continue this Dot-Connector (gee I hope Icke didn’t trade mark that…) in another post and reveal some other interesting things I have come across. You may be surprised on how many of the conspiracy players and doctors you have been hearing over the past year on the whole covid story, are all starting to coalesce.

Here are some short Sacha Stone clips if you haven’t seen any of his New Age videos:

Originally published 30 June 2021

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