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Let’s Talk About Klaus Schwab

Klaus Schwab, Club Psychopath member extraordinaire, creator of the World Economic Forum, and author of COVID19: The Great Reset (released in July 2020).

Yes he’s a very mysterious figure this Mr. Schwab who seemingly jumped into the forefront of the COVID19 Pandemic hoax as one of it’s many problem solvers, alongside Bill “Killer” Gates. He splashed on the scene in June 2020 with the launch of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset propaganda project that set the conspiracy world on fire and for good reason.

Early Life

Born on March 30th 1938 in Ravensburg, Germany, he was the eldest child. His father Eugen Schwab was a Machine Engineer at the German branch of a Swiss company named Escher-Wyss. During WWII, Eugen Schwab managed the “National Socialist Model Company” for Escher-Wyss and the Swiss company would help the Nazi Wermacht produce weapons of war and basic armaments.

As much as we may despise Mr. Schwab the globalist, he does have some serious academic credentials that money can buy.

He has an engineering degree from ETH Zurich (the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) a doctorate in Engineering from ETH Zurich, a doctorate in Economics from the University of Fribourg and a Master of Public Administration degree from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

Henry Kissinger Klaus Schwab Ted Heath Henry Kissinger and his former pupil Klaus Schwab, welcome former UK PM Ted Heath at the 1980 WEF annual meeting. Source: World Economic ForumIt was while at Harvard that Mr. Schwab was taught by Henry Kissenger who he states was the top 3-4 figures who had the greatest influence on his thinking during his life.

Hmmm, starting to see the bigger picture here?

In 1967, Klaus Schwab joined Sulzer Escher-Wyss to reorganise the company into a technology corporation, however, the company was also participating in the illegal proliferation of nuclear weapons technology. By 1969, the company would be renamed Sulzer AG.

World Economic Forum

In 1970, Mr. Schwab asked for help in setting up a “non-commercial think tank for European business leaders” from the European Commission. The first meeting of the World Economic forum was held in 1971 in Davos Switzerland. There were 450 participants from 31 countries including managers from various European companies, politicians, and US academics.

Like all “think tanks” such as Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group, Royal Institute of International Affairs, Trilateral Commission, you can never trust that anything good ever comes from them as far as the rest of humanity is concerned and this critique applies no less to The World Economic Forum. However, it’s their alignment with the Club of Rome where it gets a little worrying to say the least.

The Club of Rome was the most influential group that helped kick start the creation of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum. The Club of Rome, another think tank of the scientific and rich elite, is similar to the World Economic Forum.

Both the World Economic Forum and the Club of Rome agree that to protect the environment, the population needs to be controlled. Klaus Schwab has made climate change and the environment the center piece of his Great Reset in order to promote his globalist agenda under the guise of a so called pandemic.

Now we clearly see the real Mr. Klaus Schwab. Here we stand fifty years later with his brainchild in the process of completely turning our world upside down with his Great Reset with more editions likely to come. His technocratic plans for humanity and the globalist agenda he continues to push all point in one direction. All roads he has forged lead to a dystopian nightmare called the One World Government.

After all, this has been the plan of the world’s elites all along and Mr. Schwab is clearly at the helm in the final conquest to control and enslave humanity forever.

Sourced from the article entitled Schwab Family Values

Originally posted 05 Apr 2021

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