Jacob Rothschild
Club Psychopath

Jacob Rothschild Dead At 87

Jacob Rothschild was a Club Psychopath member without question. How could he not be, being an offspring of one of the most notorious banking families in the history of the world, member of the House of Lords as The Lord Rothschild and member of the British nobility holding the peerage title 4th baron of Rothschild.

People like Jacob Rothschild are the upper crust of elitist society, and they are as close as you can get to the center of the web. They do not get embroiled in any controversies, and are never in the public spotlight, except of course when they are dazzling them with their enormous wealth in the guise of philanthropy. Being a member of a family that has bankrolled governments and monarchies, including their war efforts, during the past two centuries, nothing sticks to you. It is only through association that we can get a glimpse into their role in Club Psychopath, and the role of the Rothschild’s when it comes to Club Psychopath, can not be underestimated. So what contributions did Jacob Rothschild make to Club Psychopath?

First and foremost his biggest contribution was made as a zionist. One of his families prized possessions is the Balfour declaration which is housed at Balfour declarationWaddesdon Manor, and as a zionist, Jacob Rothschild was very proud of it. The Balfour declaration was addressed to his great uncle Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild, by the British government in 1917, supporting the establishment of a home for the jewish people in Palestine which would become known as the state of Israel in 1948. Jacob Rothschild’s chairmanship of Yad Hanadiv from 1989 to 2018, a Rothschild family foundation established in Israel in 1958, certainly would have given him a fairly solid understanding of the Palestinian situation and the open air prison being built around them.

His election to the board of directors of BlackStone Inc. You would think that as a devote climate change advocate, Jacob Rothschild would want nothing to do with a company that is heavily involved in the deforestation of the Amazon jungle. Isn’t the Amazon jungle also known as the world’s lungs, taking in CO2 as food and producing oxygen for for all living creatures on the earth to breathe. Oh that’s right, CO2 is what is causing climate change so all those tress can go.

These are just a few things that can be found on the man and maybe more could be uncovered through dedicated hours of research. These are secret people who hide behind the scenes only appearing to the public as philanthropists and doers of good on the public stage. His family name and their 300 year banking dynasty should be enough to seal his fate as a Club Psychopath member. There is no doubt that he had a significant role to play in Club Psychopath and in the shaping the world we live in today.

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