Digital prison

Digital Prison

The world has dramatically changed since the pandemic struck four years ago in 2020. The World Economic Form told us in no uncertain terms that we were never going back to the old world we knew before 2020 and they were not kidding. Take a look around you and tell me if this is the same world you knew only five years ago. You can’t because the world has been undergoing the greatest mass form of psychological manipulation of our modern times in an effort to lead us into a digital prison, from which there will be no escape.

We are being drawn ever closer, everyday, into an AI controlled dystopian nightmare the likes of which George Orwell could not have dreamed of. You see, the gloves are off and the world is being moved into a check mate position at a rapid pace and we will not see the final blow coming when the lights go out. The real scary part in all of this is not where this eventually leads us but instead, how the majority will continue to acquiesce every step they take on the path to their personal digital enslavement.

If all of this sounds incomprehensible to you, well then you have to look no further than modern day China as a living example. Over the past two decades, China has morphed into an authoritarian technocratic superpower. They already have in place a central digital bank currency and a social credit score system that is used to control, punish and shame their populations when they are not towing the party line. China is the blueprint that the West will use to roll out its own social credit score system and central bank digital currency all tied to your digital ID. Like the Chinese system, it will be built with a massive surveillance infrastructure, coupled with AI and running across a 5th generation network backbone. It was no coincidence that during the Covid19 lock downs throughout 2020 and 2021, 5G network infrastructure was being rolled out across the West while people were locked in their homes glued to their TV set. Development is currently underway on 6th generation technology which will be much faster, and is expected to be rolled out as soon as 2028.

We have to learn from the past to understand how we got here. Communism was the great experiment of the 20th century on how to rule a society with an iron fist and the result was the enslavement of billions of people around the world and the extermination of tens of millions. The groundwork for our modern day “take down” is being built upon the very foundations of this great experiment. The ultimate goal of a “one world” power that can control the lives of every single person on the planet can now be fully realized due to the great advancements that have been made in technology. The advancements in technology that we have been enjoying over the past ten to fifteen years (computers, cell phones and the internet), were never intended for our benefit, but instead were always intended as the tools of our enslavement.

If the Covid19 pandemic taught us anything at all, it showed us how easily people could be manipulated and controlled to do anything the authorities said, including giving up their basic human rights and freedoms, all in the guise of a non-deadly pandemic. Given our recent track record of standing up for ourselves, could we we still avoid this digital prison that is being planned for us? The only way we could, would be by people coming to their senses and breaking out of the trance they have been put under by the mass media in all of its forms (social and main stream).

It’s up to humanity at this point. Unless we are willing to gather up our courage and face the nightmare scenario that is unfolding, we will be led down endless corridors against our will, living in realities we could not fathom in the darkest reaches of our minds.

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