Aircraft contrails in the sky at dawn in London. Many people believe these contrails are actually dangerous or being used for conspicuous purposes. (Toby Melville / Reuters via CNN Newsource)

Are Chemtrails Real?

The following article, The truth behind those white streaks trailing behind jets in the sky, appeared in my news feed the other day, and I was a little surprised because it stood out like a sore thumb among the other news articles of the day but I wasn’t overly surprised because main stream media has been trying to make fun of the chemtrail conspiracy theory for years.

contrailThe entire conspiracy theory is based on what the white trail is that is coming out of the back of the plane as it flies thousands of feet overhead. A growing number of people believe that these white trails are chemicals that are being sprayed into the atmosphere and thus where we get the name chemtrails. According to the article, and the “scientists” that it cites, these white trails, also called contrials, are formed as a result of the condensation coming from the exhaust of the engine. As the water vapor freezes, it forms a white trail behind the airplane. All of this is absolutely correct when the contrails vanish but when they don’t, this is what people are questioning, and where the conspiracy theory gets its traction.

The articles author doesn’t really explain why these contrails can linger in the sky for hours, and spread out across the sky for miles on end, leaving it in a white haze or that the sky is often littered with these contrails in a crisscross pattern. No they don’t bring up these points but seem to be more concerned about the role of social media in spreading this wacky conspiracy theory. The author does deserve some credit though in putting the effort into quoting Edward Snowden who claims that chemtrails are not “a thing”. I guess this was all the proof the author needed to debunk the theory.contrails

Like most main stream media today, the journalism has gotten so lazy and so utterly biased that it can only be dismissed as propaganda. There was absolutely no effort put into investigating other sources which argue that chemtrails are real. It wouldn’t have been a stretch for the author to go to GeoEngineering Watch to look at the massive amounts of information they have on the subject or refer people to a few documentaries, such as FrankenSkies – The Lies in the Skies Exposed or The Dimming.

contrailsNo, these kind of articles that appear from time to time are just hit pieces put out there every once in a while to keep people from seeing the real world around them, so they don’t think for themselves. At the end of the day, you don’t have to believe in conspiracy theories to wonder why the skies look the way they do today. I can say with one hundred percent certainty, and anyone else fifty years and older, that they didn’t look this way forty years ago.









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